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Funny Faces


Funny Faces is a HTML5 puzzle game. The goal of the game is to clear all the grid, matching two or more block of the same color. The user loses a life if a single block is clicked.

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Jumper Frog


Jumper Frog is a HTML5 Game. Enjoy this colorful version of the classica game Frogger. The goal of the game is to guide a frog from the bottom of the screen to the top into one of the fives available coves.

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3D BlackJack


Blackjack is a HTML5 casino game. Enjoy this blackjack game with hi-res 3D graphic! This game reproduces all existing game rules like: - Insurance feature - Double bet - Split Hand

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Air Hockey


Air Hockey is a HTML5 air hockey game. Choose the game difficulty, play against the CPU, and remember: the first one to score 15 points wins!

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Guess Who


Guess Who? is a HTML5 puzzle game. The goal of the game is to be the first to guess which character one’s opponent has selected. The ZIP package contains the game with 1024×768 resolution that automatically scales proportionally to fit current screen device and all the assets to grant complete ...

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